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20 Fashion Brands Getting Most Creative With Coronavirus Face Masks

Many of our everyday fashion staples that we take for granted were once rooted in utility. Jeans were designed as a solution to miners’ needs for durable work-wear. Pants were adopted by women when they entered the workforce in WW1. And the invention of casual sportswear coincided with the new fast-paced lifestyles of Americans in […]

Steve Madden Just Launched Cloth Face Masks in Tons of Prints and Styles

STEVE MADDEN Steve Madden is known for its trendy shoe styles beloved by celebrities like Taylor Swift — and now, it has become yet another fashion brand pivoting its resources to sell reusable cloth face masks.. Available in a variety of styles and colors, Steve Madden’s just-launched masks come after CDC recommendations that the general public should wear cloth face masks to help […]

The rise of the celebrity beauty brand Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Millie Bobby Brown all have makeup lines. Here’s why.

In early September, Stranger Things’ breakout teen star Millie Bobby Brown posted a video to Instagram in which she demonstrates how to use products from her new beauty brand, Florence by Mills. Except she didn’t really use the products. Instead, she performed a facsimile of scrubbing and rinsing her face, minus the suds, water, and visible results. She was […]

Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Her Pregnancy And Whether She’s Ever Used Fillers

Gigi Hadid did a tutorial with makeup artist Erin Parsons on Maybelline’s Instagram Live this afternoon, with Hadid doing her own makeup while Parsons instructed her. The two spoke about beauty routines, and at one point, Hadid opened up about how her pregnancy has affected her face shape. She also touched on her history with […]

Amazon’s big breakthrough into designer fashion

Once an unlikely partner to luxury fashion, the global pandemic has prompted a rethink of Amazon and its e-commerce prowess. The CFDA brokered a deal for American designers to sell on the platform, and the e-commerce giant is in talks with the British Fashion Council. Can it work? First Amazon, Vogue and the CFDA partnered up to […]

Why The CMA Has Blocked JD Sports From Purchasing It’s Competitor Footasylum !?

The CMA has blocked JD Sports’ purchase of close competitor Footasylum after finding it would leave shoppers worse off. Following an in-depth Phase 2 investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded that this transaction would lead to a substantial lessening of competition nationally. This would leave shoppers with fewer discounts or receiving lower […]

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